My vision of design is to express characters, situations, mood and culture using shapes and colours, and to amalgamate all these qualities to enrich a production. I strive to continuously improve my skills and expand my knowledge, raising the bar in everything I do. After finishing my degree in Costume and Stage Design, I started working in theatres as a designer and in film productions in various costume related positions. Beside my chosen profession, I gained experience in other graphics, illustration and textile design projects.

We have set up our own studio ( where we design and create custom accessories for theaters, and special occasions. Our studio, located in the inner city of Budapest, also functions as a salon for fittings.

My strengths are thinking in concepts, and creating complete visual worlds. I also find it inspiring to work with other designers.

I like working in international productions. Being a dual (Hungarian, New Zealand) citizen, I feel comfortable in a multi-cultural environment.

I am open to all challenges. I find cross-over fields of arts especially inspiring. Also, my personal interest in cultural and costume history, and my musical background give special interests in period, musical and dance productions.

The large visual gestures on stage as well as minute details on films are favoured in my work.

In summary, I am interested in any design related project for theatre, costume design and other related tasks for film, and also in custom orders for accessories, graphics, and illustration.

If you see an opportunity for a joint project, or simply exchanging ideas, I would love to hear from you.